Terms of use for Tramontina
Intellectual Property brand assets

By downloading or receiving Tramontina files, such as logos, service or product tradebrands, or any other file bearing Intellectual Property owned by Tramontina (hereinafter referred to as Materials and/or Material), through the Tramontina Brand Site (https://brand.tramontina.com.br/), the T stock Tramontina (https://app.tramontina.net/tstock/en/products) and the Trade Mkt Platform (https://trade.tramontina.com.br/), as well as through any other official Tramontina website or directly from Tramontina, the user agrees to comply with all the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as Terms) laid out herein. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and any agreement, contract or licensing agreed upon between the user and Tramontina, these Terms will not take precedence over the latter, which will have priority as they are in a higher hierarchical position than these Terms.

User Rights when Using Tramontina Materials

Tramontina grants the user a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use the Materials in accordance with these Terms. The user may only use the Materials for Tramontina’s benefit. The user agrees to never claim, dispute, assist others in disputing Intellectual Property rights related to registrations or any other means owned by Tramontina, or to attempt to register the Materials in whole or in part (including domains) in a way that may cause confusion to consumers. The Materials are made available to the user as sent or as made available for download, and any changes to the Materials are expressly prohibited. Tramontina will not be a party to and does not wish to become involved in any dispute that the user may have due to misuse of the Materials by third parties, regardless of the nature of the dispute. This also applies when Tramontina becomes aware of any misuse of the Materials. The same is true if Tramontina wishes to dispute any matter concerning misuse of the Materials that were made available to the user or that any third party had access to through the user. Nothing in these Terms assures or grants the user any rights, title or interest in relation to the Materials.


New users will access the platform by registering the “Request for Approval”, which is available in the SIT (Tramontina Internal System). Any omission or failure by Tramontina to respond to the user’s Request for Approval does not constitute, under any circumstances, approval for use of the Materials that may be found on this or any other platform, virtual or otherwise. Until Tramontina formally and expressly approves the Request for Approval, the user is not authorized to use the Materials in his/her Own Content. Approval by Tramontina does not mean approval of the Own Content itself, but merely approval for access to the platform. Consequently, the user agrees and declares that he/she is aware that all use of the Materials in any marketing, sales or any other Own Content will be subject to prior approval by Tramontina before being published by the user, with this approval not creating any legal joint liability related to Content produced by the user. If platform users wish to use Tramontina Materials in any manner not covered or permitted under these terms, they must always contact Tramontina, seeking its prior authorization. The user must detail how the use will go against or beyond the scope laid out in these Terms, and for what reason they should be approved by Tramontina.

All use of the Materials must abide by an comply with the “Tramontina Corporate Visual Identity Manual”, and must meet the following requirements, unless the user has prior permission formally agreed upon with Tramontina:

No Modification: The Materials must be used as provided by Tramontina, without any modifications. Do not remove, distort or alter any element of the Materials, or make any change in their color. Do not shorten, abbreviate or create acronyms from Tramontina Materials.

No Generic Use: Do not use the Materials in a common or descriptive way, with generic meaning.

No Plural Form or Possessive Pronoun: Do not use the Materials in a way that alludes to oneself or others in possessive form, or in a plural manner that could be related to the trademark of one or several other entities. 

No Incorporation: Do not incorporate the Materials into your own product, service or trademark, logo, company name, domain or any visual material that directly relates to the user or the entity represented.

Do not confuse the consumer: Do not use the Materials together with other visual or naming signs that may generate doubt in the consumer regarding ownership of Tramontina Materials.

Domains: Do not register domains, in whole or in part, which contain parts or the entirety of nominative elements of Materials made available by Tramontina.

Trade dress: Do not partially or wholly copy the design, visual elements or descriptions of Tramontina and/or its products in any visual communication where the user will be using Materials made available by Tramontina, nor in any other medium where there may be a relationship with Tramontina.

Beneficial Relationship: Do not present Tramontina Materials in such a way that the consumer may actively or passively interpret that there is a relationship of sponsorship/merger/incorporation/affiliation/authorization between the user and Tramontina where there are benefits for the user or whom the user represents. Do not represent personal ideologies or thoughts (or those of whom the user represents) when using Tramontina Materials in any medium. 

Legislative: Do not post Tramontina Materials on any site that promotes pornography, adult content of any nature, sales of tobacco, alcohol or firearms to people under the age of 18. 

Questionable Use: Do not use Tramontina Materials in a manner that may cause confusion or mislead the consumer at the time of purchase, by unfair, defamatory, counterfeit, obscene or otherwise questionable means, according to Tramontina’s subjective criteria.

Broadcasting: The Materials may not be used for cinematographic, television or amateur filming without specific permission from Tramontina. 

Books or other publications: Use of the Materials in publications, including books, will not be allowed without express authorization from Tramontina.

Merchandise: The Materials may not be used on merchandise of any kind or used as a reference image for logo space marking on merchandise of any kind. 

By registering on the platform, the user declares to have read and understood the Terms and provisions as laid out above, accepting all conditions. Tramontina may modify these Terms at any time and without prior notice. Tramontina may modify or terminate the user’s permission to use the Materials at any time. Tramontina may seek legal remedy for any use of the Materials that is not in compliance with the Terms described above or with an individual Intellectual Property agreement or contract signed between the user and Tramontina.